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 CARPETS - Prices
( Stains, Pet Odor treatments or Carpet Protector extra as indicated below)
Standard Service: Includes pre-spray, spot cleaning, hot water extraction and raking the pile. Combo living/dining rooms are counted as two rooms. Rooms larger than 200 square feet may be counted as two rooms.
      3 Room Special - $139.95     
4 Rooms - $179.95
5 Rooms - $219.85
6 Rooms - $259.80
Hallways $10.00 to $19.95
Walk In Closets $10.00 to $19.95
Small Closet  FREE
Empty Rooms  $.30 Sq. Ft.
Stairs -$2.50 Per Step  
Area Rugs Cleaned in Home - Must Inspect Before Quote Given      
                                                                       Carpet Protector-  $25.00 room
                                     We use  Maxim Advanced Carpet Protector click the following link for more
                                                          information on Maxim Advanced Carpet Protector
 Pet Odor Treatment - Service starts at at $65.00 per affected area, but a physical inspection required before a final quote will be offered
          Stains - physical inspection required before a quote will be offered
          Emergency Water Extraction - physical inspection required before a quote will be offered
 Standard Service: Includes cleaning of all fabric on upholstered furniture and cushions of the same material. Wool and delicate fabric's we will quote on inspection.
                                                                                       Sofa $79 to $125            Love Seat $79
                                               Recliner $59                   Ottoman $29
                                               Sectional $119-$199       Dining Chair $19
                                               Kitchen Chair $29

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The carpet cleaning business has earned a reputation as a business that baits and switches with regards to the prices. Let us explain why this happens and how you can avoid it. To begin with, when you call to have your carpets cleaned you are talking to someone who hasn't seen your carpets. They don't have a clue as to the condition of the carpet unless you the customer inform them.

Now the person who is asked to provide you with a price can only give a ball park figure. Even the prices given here are prices that are for a basic steam cleaning and extraction. Herein lies the problem. Oftentimes the technician arrives to find a job that requires additional cleaning efforts and solutions that are costly and exceed the original price that has been given.

Contrary to other companies, our technicians are ordered to only advise you of what would be needed to best clean your carpet or upholstery. They are not allowed to push products or "up-sale" you so that your $89.00 job becomes a $250 job for no good reason. We are sure that you are going to find that our technicians are knowledgeable and will only recommend effective cleaning for the best results. You can also simply stick with the basic cleaning that has been quoted to you.

Many carpet-cleaning companies pride themselves on getting the customer for as much as they can. We believe one should only charge what one is willing to pay. While there are many shady carpet outfits, there is also a justification for the increase in price that you might experience when getting your carpets or upholstery serviced.

Many people don't call until their carpets or upholstery is in dire need. The price given over the phone or on-line is a basic cleaning based on average dirt. If the carpet hasn't been cleaned in years and is white it is fair to say that the price given doesn't include the additional cleaning solutions needed to complete the job. You can still stay with the basic cleaning but it might not suffice. Also, pet odor removal, Teflon Stain Guard, carpet sanitizing and deodorizing are other options that cost a little more but can be a very good investment for you.

There are carpet companies that are out to get you and if we were one of them we wouldn't let you know how it is done. Here is an example of how you the consumer can be more aware of the "game". Let's say you received an advertisement that offers to clean any room for $9. Well, the technician who arrives at your place is a hired gun; that is, he is a trained salesman who is going to do his very best to close the deal at around $200, even though he knocked on the door for $9 per room.

He has been hired by the carpet company to "up-sale" the customers and each job is supposed to average out to around $200 dollars. Usually the tactics used are pushy and the emphasis is put on "Deep Scrub" and the various cleaning solutions within his possession. What makes his case even more strong is that there could be some credibility to his reasoning as to why you should pay more for your cleaning services. It is possible that you do have trouble spots that justify a slight price increase.

If you are dealing with a good carpet cleaner who is also good at sales, he will offer you 3 prices. You are still offered the $9 per room that made you respond in the first place, but you are told that the job may or may not get the job done for that price. Then you are offered a much larger amount that includes every cleaning solution and sanitizer in his possession.

So, let's say you are interested in having 3 rooms and a hall cleaned. The coupon said any room for $9. That means you can get the job done for $27 right? Well sort of. You will be hit with another price of around $200 and then the carpet technician will let you talk him down to $100, which is the middle price that he wanted all along.

Don't be suckered by these tricks. Let our technicians tell you exactly what is needed to do the job and perform the tasks in a professional manner. We hope you reward our honesty by calling us today! Call 830-693-3126.

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